Stargate Experience

I first met the Stargate in the late 1980’s when I attended a workshop in London. I met Prageet who is the originator, who channels Alacazar. I attended many workshops and then began working alongside Prageet with the Stargate Experience. Over the past 20 years I’ve been privileged to work with the Stargate in the UK, Europe, American and South Africa.

In November 2015 I received a message to bring a Stargate to Cape Town and I acted on this guidance bringing the Stargate to Cape Town in February 2016.

What is the Stargate?

The Stargate is a sacred geometric structure and during the workshop there will be a series of short, guided meditations. The structure acts as an inter-dimensional doorway, emitting a powerful, high-vibrational energy field, facilitating healing on all levels, multi-dimensional DNA reactivation, psychic awakening, and a powerful awareness of one’s Quantum Self.

You will be invited to experience the Stargate energies coming to you in the moment through the channelled Stargate energy transmission.

As you simply relax into this strong high-vibrational energy field, you will begin to vibrate at a higher level – your sensitivity will rapidly increase, and you will be able to actually feel the presence of various benevolent beings who will be invited to bring their presence, their vibration, into your space. This all happens on a Quantum level, the beings work with you through your higher self and guides in the most appropriate way for you in the moment.

The intent of the Stargate work is to support individuals to know themselves. This occurs as multi-dimensional frequencies are radiated, touching dormant aspects of the many-stranded multi-dimensional DNA within each individual. This encourages the re-awakening of dormant parts of the DNA.

The process of re-remembering, of knowing Self, is to live the total awakened DNA presence.  It is within your DNA that the mysteries of your greater Self are held. It holds the key to who you are, who you have been, your part and purpose in the Universal scheme and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit.

Physical healings, emotional freedom, resolution of stress and the clearing of mental imbalance have all been reported after The Stargate Experience. Stargate frequencies can dissolve limiting habit patterns and karmic influences and can create past-life remembering and re-activation of psychic abilities.

The Stargate Experience will introduce you to a totally new way of evolving your consciousness. No need for hard work, just relaxing and allowing your superconsciousness to elevate your human experience.

Private Sessions Available

Private session available (in person in Cape Town) or via Skype online.

The sessions will give you an opportunity to bring a specific question to Alcazar and to spend time within the Stargate energy. You may also like to schedule an Inner Child session and begin the journey of loving and discovering your Inner Child.

Please be in touch!

“You are the ones you have been waiting for”